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My philosophy on food

Some of my earliest memories with my mother and more importantly my grandmother were Saturday and Sunday cooking shows. Back when food network wasn’t even a thought PBS had the best cooking shows around. All day long instead of watching Saturday morning cartoons that were so popular in the eighties and early ninties we would watch cooking shows. The Frugal Gourmet, jaques Pepin, and of course Julia Child all helped to shape my idea of what cooking was.

I have always had a passion for cooking. It is something that has constantly been important to me and my family. My Grandmother is from the deep south originally and could cook her pants off. Every Sunday my Grandparents and I would sit down to breakfast that always included bacon and various other breakfast foods. Because of this tradition the smell of cooking bacon is something that is very important as far as a food memory for me.

I believe that food is something to be shared. The smells, the flavors, the textures. Food is the best way to impact people and their happiness. You can make them a delicious cake, or a wonderful homemade dish, and truly impact their day. I think it is important to recognize that food is a different experience for everyone. As I like to say “there are people who eat to live, and those who live to eat”. I am definitely in the latter category. A lot of my day is spent thinking about different types of foods I could make, how complex I can make them, and how I can truly make the food an experience. When I am cooking it is relaxing for me. I don’t know why the simple chopping of an onion can sooth my nerves after a long day–it just does.

I am looked at as a sort of freak. I actually enjoy cooking. I will come home from a long day at the office and the first thing I do is start dinner. Something about the rhythm of cooking, the different steps, truly helps me to unwind.

Food is an amazing way to connect people. I think this blog is another way for me to make food and important part of my life and those who are around me can truly experience it as I do. I figure I am always on a cooking show when I am in the kitchen–thinking about each step and mentally reminding myself of tips and tricks I’ve learned through the short years I’ve been cooking. I might as well share it!


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