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Hey y’all! It has been too long since I posted regularly to this blog. I have gotten back into the flow of things since we are somewhat settled in our new rental. So much has happened in the last year including a new job for me and Hubbs (YAY!), a move, and a new/old city (where I grew up). Food has been oldies but goodies for the most part but I am definitely always on the look out for some new things to try! I figured I should do a post about what I would like to cook, or plan on cooking in the next few months from some of my favorite food blogs. I am now doing weight watchers hard core (I love their new Points Plus Plan) you will notice a lot of light and healthy 🙂

Spicy Dr. Pepper Shredded Pork – I tried to lighten up this recipe by using Diet Dr. Pepper and a lean cut of pork and then threw it into my crockpot. Don’t do it! It needs the sugar. This recipe is amazing and something new instead of the same old BBQ shredded pork I do in the crockpot!

Banana Nut Oatmeal Cookies – These look too delicious to resist and they are light! What better. I may make these tomorrow night!

Pork Barbacoa – Another from Skinnytaste. You haven’t made Pork Barbacoa yet? What’s the matter wiuth you! This recipe is amazing and left overs are even better! I have done this as a sandwhich or over rice. Both were great!

Sally Lunn Bread with Honeyed Brown Butter – This looks amazing. I think I will make it next weekend!

If you know me, you know that I love Indian food. It is one of my favorite types of food to cook (next to Italian) and an intense and wonderful way to travel without ever leaving your home! Aarti on Foodnetwork is so inspiring to me and I never end an episode without saying “I want to make that RIGHT NOW!” I cannot wait to do this whole menu next weekend! Vegetarian Indian? YUM!

Aarti Party : Veggie Day



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