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I do a lot of eating from other food blogs. One of the first things I do when trying to make a recipe is do an internet search. My favorite websites for this are of course foodblogsearch, recipezaar, smitten kitchen, and baking bites. I thought I would start posting the recipes I eat and have success with so that if you are looking for suggestions you can find them!

Jamie Oliver’s Chili Con Carne : If you aren’t watching Food Revolution I don’t know why. It is an amazing thing that Jamie is trying to accomplish and the episodes thus far have been touching and heart wrenching. It airs on ABC Friday nights and I highly recommend it. While I don’t have a copy of the recipe for you, I highly recommend Jamie’s chili. It has tons of veggies, lots of spices, and is really delicious. I made it with the below cornbread and it was GREAT. This recipe makes a TON of food for 2 people so we have lots left for lunches. I make mine with ground turkey instead of beef and make it extra spicy with more cayenne. I picked up a copy of Food Revolution from my local library but really want to buy a copy soon!

Al Dente: Virginia Willis’s Buttermilk Cornbread : Did you know there are serious battles out there between “Yankee cornbread” which is traditionally “sweet” and true “Southern cornbread”? I had no idea. But this recipe is a true “Southern” cornbread. I have never in my life made cornbread without flour. No, really, I didn’t think it could be done. I thought it would be gritty and I seriously considered not making the recipe for the lack of flour–boy was I wrong! This was DELICIOUS. Not only did the cast iron skillet (a Christmas gift from Hubbs 2 years ago) impart a delicious crunch and amazing flavor, it also helped brown the butter in a sublime way. I did add some sugar (I am a Californian so neither Yankee nor Southern, I like sweet cornbread) about 1 TBS and it didn’t ruin the flavor at all.

Use Real Butter Cinnamon Rhubarb Mini Loaves : This week in our co-op box we got rhubarb. I have never had this strange red celery looking thing. I didn’t know what it tasted like or how to use it. Did I go the traidtional route and make a pie with strawberries? That was Hubbs vote. Instead I decided to make some muffins for my new commute. I figured that they would be easy to eat in the car and hopefully they would taste good. They DO! these muffins are delicious. The only change I made to the recipe was using low fat sour cream instead of full fat. The rhubarb is a strange tangy quality (almost like an unripe raspberry) but great with the cinnamon sugar. The only thing I would do differently last time is add more cinnamon sugar in the middle of the muffin as well as on top.


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