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Jamie Oliver’s “Unhealthiest City in America”

Jamie Oliver has always been one of my favorite “Celebrity” chefs. I will never forget the night I was watching him on the old school Food Network and he put LETTUCE in his mashed potatoes. I was disgusted. Uh, now calcannon is one of my favorite dishes EVER and we have it every year at Christmas.

I know that there is a lot of ignorance out there about the things we put into our bodies. Especially for people who are not self professed “foodies” or “health nuts” it can truly be a challenge to get them to look at what they are putting in their bodies and the feelings that they are getting from them. Fast food, convienance food, food that comes from unwhole ingrediants is a problem. It is not something to be ignored.

Watching the Worst Cooks in America competition on Food Network was shocking to me. People don’t know what basil looks like? People seriously are not aware of how to shop? Mothers are honestly feeding their families take out or something from a box 7 nights a week? This is insane to me. I was blessed to have a great cook in my Grandmother and so I did not have to grow up without the knowledge of how to prepare a meal for myself. It staggers me that food is not something that is avaliable to everyone. Not “food” but real food. People honestly believe that they cannot afford “fresh” produce because it is too expensive.

Anyway, the basis of this post is to encourage anyone out there–please take a look at Jamie’s new show! I think it has a fantastic basic premise and his new book is amazing “Jamie’ Food Revolution” is  for everyone including fellow foodies to the novice chefs out there. I have got to get my hands on a copy soon!

Check out Jamie’s new show here.


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