Foodieobsessed's Blog

Menu 1/20/2010-1/26/2010

Last week went great with having our menu already thought out and planned. I think it was great to know exactly what I was doing after work and preparing myself ahead of time for the meals I wanted to make. We changed it up a little bit on Saturday because of a looong day shopping and ended up doing left overs, so I just bumped breakfast. That is sort of our fallback dinner anyway!

Nothing planned for this coming weekend so I will be able to really make some great stuff ahead for next week. I am also using my BFF the crockpot to make my favorite Mexican soup–pasole! I will post the recipe for sure if it turns out as delicious as I think it will.

Tuesday 01/19 – Hubs is cooking. I will be at Weight Watchers!

Wednesday 01/20 – Crockpot Chicken Posole

Thursday 01/21 – Bean and cheese burritos

Friday 01/22 – White pizza (homemade pizza dough)

Saturday 01/23 – Pasta Bolognese

Sunday 01/24 – Beef stew, lemon thyme biscuits

Monday 01/25 – Black Bean Soup (Crockpot)


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