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Trader Joes

I could wax poetic on Trader Joes for hours on end. It is probably my favorite foodie paradise. Everytime I go to visit my best friend in my former home town I stop by TJ’s. My friends even comment on how often I have to go there and “resupply” and honestly, I think of it that way. If I was going into war it would be with a Trader Joe’s chocolate truffle candy bar and some two buck chuck. They have a variety of fabulous produce, dairy, frozen, and amazing fruit and nut mixes.

I made a TJ’s run today and I am going to post what I bought. If you have never been and want to try some amazing products here are just a few of my families favorites!

(3) Trader Joes Dark Chocolate Truffle bars – These are an amazing quick chocolate fix. Very deep chocolate flavor but not too bitter as some dark chocolate can be! Just a few squares usually hits the spot!

Vegetables – This run I picked up onions, scallions, mint, green beans, pre-chopped cleaned greens, steamed beets (!), arugala, and romain. I love love love TJ’s vegetables. They are simple to use, usually cleaned, and a great way to stock up. I can’t find some things like the beets at my normal grocery store so I love to load up when I go to TJ’s!

Brown Rice – I can only find brown jasmine rice at TJ’s. My local grocery store isn’t carrying it yet. I love their brands of rice, pasta, and couscous!

Goat Cheese & Cheese sticks & Grated Parmesan – I love TJ’s cheese selection and always stock up when I am there. Good quality and resonably priced!

Corn Tortilla Flat Breads – These are fabulous for hummus. They are pretty low calorie and made from corn instead of wheat.

Hummus – Hubs and I adore  hummus in any way shape or form! Love the TJ’s brand be it the original or the spicy! Yum.

Pizza Dough – We picked up the whole wheat this trip but they are all a great way to have quick pizza dough you don’t have to make yourself. I usually make my own because it is so simple but TJ’s is a great substitute if you don’t have the time!


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